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Droplets containing cells making antibodies sorted for function

Revolutionizing drug discovery with high-throughput screens for function

Derisk drug development &

screen for function, not binding,

of millions of antibodies


At DropXcell,

we believe screening millions of antibodies for function should be easy and accessible.


Because binding isn't function

Function is in Xcell Drops

Droplet single cell assay

No Function


Ideal for multispecifics or other large compound libraries

Leveraging droplet microfluidics to screen millions of compounds,
now you can screen every drug candidate for function

Bispecific antibody


BiTE T cell engager

T-cell Engagers

Antibody-drug conjugate internalization screen

Antibody-Drug Conjugates (ADCs)

Derisk programs through more hits
in less time

>1 million

Antibodies screened / day

>10,000 times

More drug candidates tested


Months saved per drug program

Function-first antibody discovery


Revolutionizing antibody screening with high-throughput double emulsion technology

At DropXcell, we are committed to providing innovative solutions for antibody screening. Our high-throughput Xcell Drop platform is faster and more cost-effective than traditional methods, allowing scientists to routinely screen millions of antibodies for function.

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